Welcome to Cloudclan. We are swift, agile, and smart. I am Fawnstar, the leader of this clan. We are not an old clan, but we are not a young clan in any way anymore. I have not been the leader of this clan long, but I have learned so much in the time I have. We have suffered great loses since I have been leader, and it seems that our future is unstable. We must find the balance between the good and the bad, and find a new hope within ourselves. 
When looking at Cloudclan, you see mostly a life of Skyclan and Thunderclan, which can be expected since Firestar and Sandstorm, of Thunderclan, rebuild Skyclan, bringing some of the Thunderclan traits into the clan. We eat the same types of prey as Thunderclan as well, birds, rabbts, mice, squirrels. 
Our territory is special to us, as it is no like that of any other clan. Our territory is filled with forests, but is also filled with cliffs and streams, one that splits our territory in two. We are the closest of the clans to the StarStone, as it is just outside of our territory, so we don't have far to go. 

Look around, and then choose for yourself...join us...or leave. 


Welcome to Moonclan we are the cats of the moon. We hunt by the moonlight and when there is no moon we hunt in the shadows. We also ,of course,  love sunny days when we can laze around at Sunning rocks. 

     I guess you could say we are a lot like Shadowclan, but also much like Riverclan. We eat mostly fish, Rabbits, and Mice. We are a powerful clan strong, fierce, brave,smart,and fast. The only fault we have is are weakness of letting cats from other places such as barn cats, kitty pets, and rouges into our clan.

        I am Dawnstar leader of Moonclan. I have been leader of this clan for many moons and still have many moons to go. We are neighbors of Sunclan and Cloudclan. Our territory also touches Dawnclan but Cloudclan and Sunclan is our main worries. We have not had a battle with either in a long time which is good, but of course we must be ready for anything.

         The territory we live in is dry but we have many streams running threw it. In spring when the snow melts we always have some trouble with flooding, but don't worry we have a small camp like place were we stay that is on a hill. We are safe there. Now listen I shall tell you my clans history... we originated from cats of Bloodclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan....